About Us

Our approach to business

We take the time to listen and understand every individual’s requirements at the start of the journey with ETA Consultancy Services, supporting employers along the way. For us, life is a continuous cycle of learning and personal development.

By taking the time to speak and listen to the employers or individuals, unique requirements of every candidate or business, we can set achievable objectives, advise on the best courses and create a plan of success to achieve these.

Using this foundation at the start of the process we achieve far greater completion rates from our candidates and start to create a mentality of goal setting and continuous development, way beyond the initial course enquiry.

What makes us different?

We have both successfully completed and personally experienced the benefits of apprenticeships and ‘hands-on’ learning. As a result, we have a genuine passion, understanding and belief in the fantastic benefits available.

With over 50+ years combined industry experience, we are in a strong position to apply our knowledge and provide expert, tailored guidance for each individuals’ learning needs.

We continuously support candidates and businesses throughout the entire journey of their training, providing open, honest advice to guide them and keep them motivated to achieve their end goal.

Meet our team

Judith Moule and Sally Claughton (Apprenticeship Ambassadors for the Enterprise M3 AAN) founded ETA Consultancy Services to develop individuals and businesses through education and training, guiding them to achieve their full potential.

Having worked together so successfully in higher education we then decided to apply our skill set to a wider audience through forming ETA Consultancy Services.

Both individuals and businesses love working with us as we combine our vast learning experience with our fun, open personalities to always give honest, valuable feedback and guidance.

Through education and training, we help individuals achieve their full potential.

  • Judith Moule
  • Sally Claughton

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